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Born and raised in Yokohama, Japan, Saya has always been influenced by the natural landscape around her. She loved capturing the scenery of local forests in her paintings. Having given her heart to the beauty of the four seasons in Japan and the authentic voices of people, she was always determined to spend her life working with colors.

She graduated from Musashino Art University where she studied textile design. Having sought expressions that encapsulate the beauty of Japan, she worked as a designer in the sports apparel industry after graduation.

Since then, she has been working on European China paintings for more than 20 years. In 2021, she encountered alcohol ink art and started to create transparent works by combining ink and painting techniques.

The spirit of ZEN resides in her artworks.

She seizes the momentary beauty and emotional transience. Her way of viewing the world is known as Wabi-Sabi: seeking the beauty that lies beyond what is visible to our eyes.

Every color that comes into view is alive and appealing to her.

She believes that the colors often left unnoticed, including the color of the asphalt or the muddy water in the puddle, exist with dignity, humbly waiting for their turn.

All the colors express their presence, asking her to give them a stage.

She collects that glow of wonder hidden in every natural element and turns it into an ethereal and delicate chromatic dance. The powerful colors start to run on a white canvas, creating shapes and shadows so delicately that they seem to be moved by every impertinent gust of wind.

She grasps the color from nature, the color hidden behind the dirt, the mud, and the monotony of a landscape that we are used to seeing, transforming it into a creative tool that makes the color dance in a beautiful, transitory, and bold choreography, resonating in our souls.


2021 9. M.A.D.S Art Gallery , Milano

2022 2. Select Art , Crete Greece

2022 4. 72nd Modern Art Exhibition, Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo

2022 4. Monica Ferrarini’s Exhibition, Gallery of Biblioteca Angelica, Roma

2022 5. Euro Art Show, Turin

2022 5. Luxembourg Art Fair

2022 6. Monaco Art Fair

2022   Monat Art Gallery, Madrid

2023 3. Dubai Art Fair

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